Aavega Interactive is a subsidiary of Sun Technologies Integrators, known as an award winning and trusted provider of Information Technology services and resources since 1996. Sun Technologies specializes in Infrastructure Management Services, Gaming Services, Application Development and Application Testing Services. With highly skilled resources, innovative business models, we assist our customers to increase revenues, enhance brand value and stay ahead of competitors.

Aavega Interactive has been created with the goal of providing high quality Game Development and Quality Assurance services. Our young and dynamic team strives to provide the best of end to end services; right from planning designing, execution and sign-off while focusing on the client’s needs. Our team’s expertise include working knowledge across different platforms and technologies. We work closely with the clients to help customize and improve on their IPs making them more interesting.

Aavega Interactive also develops in-house casual game projects independently and we have developed few titles over the past months.

Zen Float

Zen Float is a casual game targeted towards gamers of all age groups. Zen Float is available on mobile devices and tablets. The application is free to play and has some monetization features. The game includes a monk who practices Zen. The user/player has to click/pop the different colored bubbles to keep the monk's meditation stable and the game from ending.

Spell Easy

“Spelleasy” is a puzzle game targeted towards kids from age 2 and above. The objective of the game is to have the kids engaged and happy while they learn. Young users will need to place letters provided in the correct order to complete the given word or challenge. Hints will be provided by outlining the alphabets of the related object/word.

Zen Float

Run through the dangerous endless tunnel in a special spy car and compete against friends! Tunnel Runner is an accelerometer based game on mobile and tablets where the user controls a special car filled with surprises. The players has to tilt the device at the right moment and angles to dodge the obstacles or jump over them to survive and make high scores!

Zen Float

Help Smiley survive amongst the harmful randomly moving obstacles by eating the Green Pills and the Red Pills! Project Eatz is a simple accelerometer based game targeted towards mobile and tablet users. Collect the green pills to gain score and the red pills to devour the obstacles and survive!

Aavega Interactive is a subsidiary of Sun Technologies Inc. which was created as a Centre for Excellence for Game Testing services. We have highly skilled and experienced gaming testers with strong knowledge of testing methodologies, offering testing services in alpha, beta, and release stages of the game’s testing life cycle.

Our seasoned team consists of talented group of game artists, developers, producers and quality assurance team who strive to provide the best end to end services; right from planning, designing, execution and sign-off. We provide testing services for online games, standalone games and mobile games.

U.S Location:

3700 Mansell Road Suite# 125, Alpharetta
GA 30022, USA
(770) 418-0434

INDIA Location:

No. 510, 4th Block, 1st Stage,
HBR Layout
Bangalore 560043, India