Jolly Rogers Pirate Rumble has officially seen its’ first audience and people Arrrrgh losing it

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For years now, developers have used beta testers to get feedback on their creations before their release to the public. The concept is not new at all; authors, playwrights, and musicians have been using a form of the “beta test” system for hundreds of years to get opinions on book drafts, scripts, and opinion pieces […]

Gamescom and PAX West 2018

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For a video game developer, getting out and about isn’t a huge job requirement but a necessity to get exposure. For over a year, my team and I have been working day and night to put together our favorite things: games, pirates and fighting! We worked through endless lines of codes, hours of modeling, animating […]

My stint with Steam integration

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This is my unfinished stint with Steam integration of our Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble (JRPR in-short). Summary of Jolly Rogers: Pirates Rumble – JRPR is a couch co-op multiplayer game that our studio, Aavega Interactive has been working on since a year now. We have developed the project on Unity and we are targeting the […]

History of Video Games

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Welcome to Aavega Interactive blog. A brief introduction of video game history in this post and a little about us. Video games have known to be in existence since the 1960’s and were simulations for research purposes. Video games made it to commercial market in the 1970’s and have become popular form of entertainment ever […]