Hanuman The Run

Hanuman The Run


Jai Hanuman!! Jai Bajrangbali!!. Hanuman The Run HD is endless casual arcade Hanuman game.In this Hanuman game Play as the Chiranjeevi Hanuman on his epic journey of carrying the Dronagiri Mountain through the Himalayas to deliver Sanjeevani medicine on to the battlefield of Lanka. Be wary of the flying Asuras (demons) who are trying to foil mighty Hindu God Hanuman’s plans. Collect maximum Laddus on your journey and share your score to get unlimited energy to play this amazing Hanuman Game.


Tap on the screen to leap or fly Hanuman


Project                           : Jai Hanuman

Specifics                        : Game Development,

                                        3D Animation, 2D Art

Technologies                 : Unity, 3Ds, Maya



  • Simple One Tap Game-play
  • Endless Game
  • Amazing music
  • Adventurous game play

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