Jallikattu or Sallikattu is a traditional sport conducted during Maattu Pongal in which a bull is released into a crowd of players. Players will attempt to grab the large hump of the bull with both arms and hang on to it while the bull attempts to escape. Player who hold the hump and travel for a certain distance wins.

Enjoy playing as the bull, avoid the men and obstacles.


Jallikattu, the game is not meant to offend any culture or groups. Purely created to bring alive the sportive and cultural experience.


Project                           : Jallikattu

Specifics                        : Game Development,

                                        3D Animation, 2D Art

Technologies                 : Unity, 3Ds, Maya



  • Traditional Tamil Game
  • Play a Bull
  • Endless run game
  • Multiple bulls to choose from the game

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