Spelleasy is a fun, free, and simple educational game to help kids and teens to learn spellings of various subjects, ranging from name of countries to items of daily use. Spelleasy is a great educational game for kids as they will learn to relate words to the images and their spellings.

Spelleasy is a free spelling test and teaching app that makes learning fun for kids and teens alike, from primary school kids all the way to high school.

Test your knowledge with Spelleasy, It is more than just a kid-friendly educational app, it is designed for grownups as well. Buy more difficult subject packs like Maps of countries and Birds. Test your knowledge of different things and subjects.

Spelleasy is free from any third party advertisements. You can purchase various subject packs from the shop.


Project                           : Spelleasy

Specifics                        : Game Development,

                                        3D Animation, 2D Art

Technologies                 : Unity, 3Ds, Maya




  • A colorful education app that helps everyone learn the English spellings of various items
  • Eight different amazing subject packs to buy
  • Simple Interface designed for everyone
  • Very easy to very challenging packs

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