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Reasons Why An Expert QA Tester Needed For Game Testing

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The gaming market has grown remarkably in recent times. It is a sector beyond issues of bankruptcy or lack of finance. Significantly, the gaming market rapidly enhanced these days because of the increase in usage of smartphones. As per the reports, gross gaming revenue generated in the United States is around 28k million dollars. In a multi-million-dollar business like this, the role of an expert game testing professional is highly needed. Here we will discuss the reasons and outlines describing the factors that make game testing and QA tester crucial.

Why is a Game QA Tester Important?

The most common way a game gets affected without a tester is through the issues related to bugs. These issues turn the game unplayable, which ultimately takes down the reputation of the concerned game development company. And, some developers claim to manage bug reports of their own.

It’s certainly not enough because the comprehensive analysis of the gameplay matters equally, which has to be handled by the game testers. Other features like emotional connectivity with the game, level of entertainment, etc., essentially tested. It’s better to obtain all these inputs from the game testers.

Bringing Clarity with Bug Classification

A professional QA tester makes things simpler for a developer in many ways. The feedback’s given by a tester and their classification of bugs gives high clarity to the developer. The precise categorization of bug databases will be more accessible to the developers for future reference.

It simply reduces the risks of mistakes in the future. It’s always recommended for the testing expert and developer to discuss tricky technical aspects like AI directly. All in all, it is to be assured that the final report brings effective changes to the game.

So, this is why the top game developing businesses prefer their developer and testing team to work in coordination. The greatest advantage of testing professionals working unanimously with the developers is avoiding severe or risky bugs.

Determining Difficulty Level

The difficulty level is another significant aspect on which one cannot ignore the importance of the tester’s role. As explained above, the best advice is always for the developers and testers to work in coordination. It’s a must to entertain any recommendation given by an expert on testing regarding the concept or story of the game. Modern-day testers work from the design stage or the character development stage.

Essential stages of QA testing for an accomplishing outcome

The tester can strategically channel the enter process from development to deployment to make the scope for game testing more extensive. It works efficiently while figuring out the essential viewpoints that often don’t come into the sight of the developer. Game testing is a beneficial process that systematically progresses through different stages.

Below are various stages of testing that can guarantee a game is perfect in all aspects:

Testing the Installation Aspects:

This stage makes sure the game is ready to be fully installed and functioned. Along with different platforms or supported by various devices. It indeed makes sure to increase the user base of a game. Testers provide comprehensive test case reports on this stage of testing.

Testing Its Specs:

Features are the noticeable highlighting factors of any game. Checking the working of game’s features needed if you have concern about effectiveness. Therefore, the verification test case report also includes all the features in the game. Thus, it is a two-dimensional approach, where the first dimension is about testing the most visible specifications, which are usually in all the games of its category. Then, another dimension is about testing the features from the perspective of certain conditions or cases. Finally test matrix¬†test case is for multiple features and different players (multiplayer game).

Game UI Testing:

User Interface testing is also one of the main steps of game testing. This crucial step involves analysis of graphical aspects and the contents. For example, if the game involves specific twists for a particular location. The tester should address and test the same thing.

Testing the Performance-Related Aspects:

Performance testing or testing the performance of the game is like the final step. The tester figures out and tests the most performed tasks by the players. Testers set a particular duration for these tasks while setting those in action. Then the game gets into motion consistently for straight 24 hours. The time can be higher for games involving multiple players.

Wrapping Up

Modern-day game testing is undoubtedly the most advanced of all and unquestionably more subjective. But there is frequent comparison with traditional software testing. Because here, the tester remains responsible for addressing the engagement aspects, their role seems more significant. Moreover, they have to consider various demographic elements into account as well. One can’t ignore the role of a professional QA tester for having an accomplishing game development.

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