Mobile Game Development 


  • iOS
  • Android

      PC Game Development


  • Steam
  • HTML 5
  • Facebook



  • Unity
  • UDK
  • Cocos
  • Native SDK

      Compliance Testing

Testing the product’s adherence to first-party certification requirements which include TCR, TRC & Lot checks while providing assessments to help and facilitate a smooth submission.

      Load Testing

Testing your product under load to make sure that it performs equally well without breaking under pressure.

      Multiplayer Testing

We test the discrepancies between various multiplayer network conditions, multiplayer lobby checks, varying network bandwidth speeds, latencies & NAT types.


We identify linguistic errors and UI issues such as text overlaps, audio translations, fonts incompatible with the language in order to deliver a consistent user experience in all languages.

Soak Testing

Test involves leaving your game running for prolonged period of time in various modes of operation, such as idling, paused, or at the title screen.

      Compatibility Testing

Identifying performance and compatibility issues of your game across all targeted devices, platforms, hardware configurations and operating systems.

      Performance Testing

Testing the targeted performance across GPU, CPU, server and network, power consumption for all your games.