The road to next-gen creation- Navigate through Aavega’s creative 3D art station (Part II)

Continue your charm of gaming with a visionary 3D world!

In the previous blog of Aavega art station, we have discussed ample info about 2D artwork and the core services Aavega provides to boost your passion for playing video games and enhance your experience. However, after talking sufficiently about 2D artwork and animation in which we have seen so many viral games such as Super Mario, Super Meat Boy, Cut Drop Strike, etc., with outstanding and creative art capturing the public’s attention quickly now it’s time to switch to the 3D world of art as we can find growth and upgradation in every field, whether in technology or any creative area, thus following our conversation, we will get to know all about 3D game artwork of Aavega and the steps involved.

But before that, let us have a quick look at our marvelous creation, i.e., JRPR stands for Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble, which is our 3D game with enthralling characters and props used inside, loved by many gamers. The 3D game art world, full of creativity, gives the game a striking visual to engross the audience for a long time, like Super Mario 3d world art.

Before going forward, let’s take a look at the well saying, “Art does not have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful,” by Duane Hanson, which completely satisfies the purpose of art in gaming, i.e., game art should be meaningful rather than being beautiful.




Things you need to know about 3D artwork at Aavega

If we go for a 3D art creation, the level of hard work ultimately gets increased as it involves lots of effort and concentration to create something stunning and realistic that hits up the curiosity of the audience. There is a high possibility of attracting the audience with mesmerizing graphics and absolute animation, thus, it is quite a patience-bearing and challenging job to create the most demanding art for games. But after tedious endeavors and trials, the output that comes out meeting all the expectations is commendable. Moreover, you would like to know that at Aavega, our team of artists creates something ingenuine and highly creative that seems truly impressive. Our artists work on the software MAYA, which has many great features useful for gaming, such as character creation, animation, rigging, etc. So, let’s take a travel to the steps followed in the 3D artwork, which are mentioned below;

  • 3D Modelling
  • Sculpting
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation

These are the core steps our artists follow to create a spectacular art design with appealing features that quickly steal the heart of gamers.




How do artists work to design an ideal 3D creation? Know step-wise

We have seen the fundamental steps involved in the 3D artwork creation above, which are used by artists to come up with a productive result. It would be more convenient for us to go for each step thoroughly to have a depth and better understanding of how the artwork is actually processed. Beneath, you will find a brief description of the steps of 3D artwork, take a look at them;

  • 3D Modelling: In 3D Modelling, the basic function of any object is designed, which means three-dimensional designing of an object’s shape, size, texture, etc, is done. The artists take reference from 2D art sheets. In addition, this step involves the creation of background, character, and prop used inside any game which is performed under the software MAYA or Blender (a substitute of MAYA), and this step is followed by UV taking which is pretty essential for texturing and sculpting.


  • Sculpting: Sculpting involves the addition of high details to 3-D models, which are under the designing process. The software artists use for this is Z-Brush or Blender, having tools to perform refining and give an absolute look to the model.


  • Texturing: In texturing, the artists apply texture to the 3D model or an object to make it more refined and high quality so that it can appear realistic enough.


  • Rigging: Rigging is a process in which artists give skeletal structure to the 3D model or an object which is movable as well. In this, there are some crucial processes involved, which are;
  1. Joint attachment helps in building the skeleton
  2. Attachment of the skeletal to Meshwork
  3. Paint skin weight to correct the skin of the 3D model
  4. Creating controls (hand controls, leg controls, etc.) to the skeleton (3D model) to perform the animation.


These processes are highly essential for the animation and especially the controls that the rigger does. A rigger has the power to give global or main control over the other controls to the 3D model to specify its individuality, for example, joint control, leg control, eye control, etc.).


  • Animation: Animation of a 3D model refers to the process that involves the creation of the illusion of that model that it is moving, running, fighting, and doing actions that resemble a real-life person. In gaming, the animation sometimes is created in a loop format, i.e., the initial pose and the final pose should be the same so that it can perform the exact function when the user press to perform; for example, the jump action in any game is created in a loop which means whenever the user applies the jump button, the object will jump.



And after completion of these key steps, the file is directly given to the game development area to create games with the help of the magnificent game art to enhance the engagement with the game.



Lay your eyes on our up-to-scratch creation: Jolly Roger’s Pirate Rumble (JRPR)

If you are interested enough in gaming, then you will like this game for sure which is based on a Pirate theme with seven characters, namely, GoodBeard; Hyraddin; IronFist; IvanTheTerrible; KarlTheKraken; KristofferVikingAxe; Lancelot. Each character is designed with different powers to make it unique from the other one. It is a multiplayer game in which four players can play the game simultaneously, giving each other tough competition to achieve the win. Inside the game, the players get boosting powers when the opponent is dashed off by making the attack.


Moreover, there are some additional fruit powers (Boulder Popup; Fire Fruit Popup; Giant Fruit Popup; Healing Chicken PopUp; Hex Popup; Hook Popup; Rum PopUp; Stone FruitPopUp) that integrate the players’ abilities, giving them an instant boost. There are total eight levels present in this game that are, FFA; CTF; Rum Run Set; Foot ball; Brew Master; Cannon Ball Arena; TDM; KotMSet have different immersive maps to play that elevate the craziness of the player to the extreme. However, we are planning to come up with more exciting and fun-loving games to make gamers gleeful.





In these two blogs that talk about the 2D and 3D game artwork and services of Aavega, we have seen several crucial steps and guidance that are required to create something innovative and organic for the game to be developed that is good enough to attract a maximum crowd of the audience to play.

Aavega is a well-established gaming company that offers striking services, including game development, game art, and game QA. With an objective to provide our users with the best output, our team at Aavega work diligently to make it possible.

For more gaming updates, stay tuned with our experts!




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